Weigh in on life’s complex issues

Weigh in on life’s complex issues

Moral problems arise in all areas of life: personal, professional, and political. For example, do you, as a citizen, have a moral responsibility to vote? What obligations do you have, if any, to global environmental issues? Should you buy from a company that underpays its workers?

To help you make wise decisions about moral and ethical issues in the workplace and the community, UFV offers a minor in Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy as part of the Bachelor of Arts program.

Analyze real-world ethical issues and find out how to build useful guidelines for ethical procedures. Learn to see larger issues and their implications. And develop the problem-solving, writing, and investigative skills that are valued by employers everywhere.

UFV’s minor in Applied Ethics and Political Philosophy sharpens your capacity for creative and critical thinking by providing you with an in-depth understanding of the ideas and theories underpinning society’s political institutions. Studying applied ethics also gives you the opportunity to articulate your own values and identify the values motivating others.

To enhance your résumé and expand your horizons, take advantage of study abroad opportunities and optional paid co-op work semesters throughout your studies.

Career Outlook for Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy minor

The ability to answer questions of ethics, power, and influence is crucial for anyone who wishes to launch a career as politician, lawyer, prosecutor, public administrator, social entrepreneur, social policy researcher, diplomat, minister, or civil servant.

The investigative and problem-solving skills learned through a minor in Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy are also relevant in careers such as journalism, education, human resources, consulting, or social work.

Graduates are well prepared to pursue further graduate studies in fields such as applied ethics, bio-medical ethics, business ethics, and environmental ethics, where career opportunities are expanding.